Best Time to Visit the Edge NYC for the Cheapest Tickets & Fewer Crowds

Sunset is the best time of the day to visit Edge NYC. It promises stunning, picture-perfect views of NYC’s skyline.

However, due to these views, most people plan a visit during sunset, making it one of the most crowded times as well.

If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit Edge NYC is early in the morning, just after it opens at 10 am or later in the afternoon at 4 pm.

If you’re visiting during the winter mornings, you can even watch the sunrise from Eastern Point.

This handy guide will tell you about every kind of best time you seek, whether for fewer crowds, lower prices, the best views, family outings or short visits. 

Want to enjoy the sunset at the Edge without crowds?

Here’s a tip: Book your Edge NYC tickets in advance by selecting a time slot of around 4 pm and staying until sunset.

Enjoy the views if the crowds are manageable; if they start thickening, make your way out.

Peak vs Low Season: Best Time of the Year to Visit Edge NYC

Peak vs Low Season
Image: 6sqft.com , NYpost.com

Peak Season: June to August
Low Season:
March to May and September to November

Edge NYC is open year-round and seeks the highest number of visitors during the summer from June to August.

If you enjoy the lively atmosphere, you can visit during these months, but be ready for the crowds.

If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to go to Edge NYC is during the shoulder seasons of spring (March to May) and fall (September to November).

These months offer a perfect combination of mild temperatures, fewer crowds and affordable prices.

NYC also seeks visitors from Thanksgiving to the New Year in November and December.

If you’re on a budget trip and don’t mind the colder temperatures, these months can also be perfect for a visit. 

Plus, you can see the city in festive lights and enjoy ice skating at the Edge.

Do you know that the prices have increased for these time slots due to the popularity of sunset visits?

Purchase your Edge tickets in advance to save yourself from these last-minute hikes.

Weekdays vs Weekends: Best Time of the Day to Visit the Edge NYC

Weekdays vs Weekends
Image: Architectmagazine.com

Like many other NYC attractions, weekdays are the best time to visit the Edge NYC.

You can plan a visit for a weekday morning to enjoy the views with fewer people around.

Weekends usually get busy with crowds, so you can avoid them to have a comfortable experience.
However, the best weekends to visit are during Christmas and New Year’s.

They are best for enjoying lighting or fireworks from the highest observation deck in New York.

Best Time for Fewer Crowds 

Early Morning (10 am) on a weekday or after sunset hours seek fewer people.

Shoulder months from March to May and September to November.

Best Time for Cheapest Tickets

Weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, offer lower ticket prices.

Low seasons from September to December also offer decent prices due to decreased demand.

Best Time for Photography

Sunset is perfect for the best photographs. If you can’t find a spot, consider visiting early in the winter to capture the best sunrise views.

Nighttimes, especially during the festive season, also offer picture-perfect views.

When to Avoid Visiting the Edge?

Peak Hours: Skip late afternoons and early evenings to dodge crowds.

Weekends: Opt for weekdays for a quieter experience.

Special Events: Check for crowded events and plan accordingly.

Extreme Weather: Avoid visits during heavy rain, winds, or snow.

Last-Minute Visits: Book tickets in advance to avoid availability issues and higher prices at the last minute.

Edge NYC at Night 

Edge NYC at Night
Image: Facebook.com/EdgeNYC

The Edge NYC glows up with the city’s twinkling lights as the sun sets and night falls.

The skyscrapers of the metropolis glow like stars, and the city’s lights come to life against the darkened sky.

The views and timing are perfect for a sweet romantic proposal or simply for enjoying the city’s beauty at night.

So, if you want a different perspective of the never-sleeping city from the heights, visiting the Edge at Night is a must.

You must book a time slot in advance to avoid disappointments at the last minute.

More Reads: Opening Hours of Edge NYC and How to Get to the Deck.

Weather in NYC

Weather in NYC
Image: Facebook.com/EdgeNYC

New York City has continental weather with cold winters and hot summers.

The hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 25°C (76°F).

January is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 4°C (39°F).

During the summer months, visitors can expect warm temperatures with occasional humidity, while winters bring colder weather, sometimes accompanied by snowfall. 

If there is snowfall, your Edge experience may be disrupted, and you may be unable to perform City Climb.

Can the Weather Affect my Edge NYC visit?

Can the Weather Affect my Edge NYC visit
Image: Facebook.com/EdgeNYC

Although the weather in NYC is generally predictable due to the height of the Edge, it can still be unpredictable at times.

Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, or snowfall may lead to temporary closures of outdoor areas and impact your visit.

While the outdoor sky deck is closed, you can still visit the inside observatory during such times.

However, to avoid such conditions, we advise you to see the weather forecasts and choose a sunny day to visit the Edge.

How Much Time Can You Spend on the Edge NYC?

How Much Time Can You Spend on the Edge NYC
Image: Facebook.com/EdgeNYC

On average, most visitors spend about 1 to 2 hours enjoying the views and taking photos at the Edge.

However, once you reach Edge NYC at the time allotted, there is no time limit for staying there.

So, you’re welcome to stay for as long as you want!


What is the best time to go to Edge NYC for the cheaper prices?

The Edge offers cheaper rates during low seasons and weekdays.

However, if you book online in advance, you can enjoy the best prices with additional discounts for certain age groups, regardless of when you visit.

The cheapest ticket for the Edge costs $40, with free entry for kids and discounted prices for seniors.

What is the best time to visit the Edge with family?

The best time to visit Edge NYC with family is midday, when there are fewer crowds and ample daylight for everyone to enjoy the experience together.

Is it better to go to the Edge during the day or night?

Edge provides the best views both during the day and at night.

If you prefer a romantic ambiance and city lights with NYC’s night views, then visiting the Edge at night is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you want clear views in the vibrant daylight, a daytime visit to the Edge is ideal.

Additionally, you can consider visiting during the sunset for stunning views.

When is the best time to go up The Edge if I’m short on time?

If you have little time, go up early in the morning on a weekday.

This will allow you to conveniently explore the site with fewer people without missing anything.

Is it worth going to The Edge at night?

Yes, visiting the Edge at night is absolutely worth it.

You’ll be treated to a mesmerizing display of city lights and fireworks, especially if you visit around the new year or festive season.

Featured Image: Salepeaket.live

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