How to Reach Edge NYC: By Bus, Subway, Car or Taxi

The Edge is located in the 30 Hudson Yards building on Manhattan’s west side, near the Hudson River and has great transportation connections.

However, due to its location on the 100th floor, many visitors are confused about how to get to Edge NYC. Where is its entrance? Which mode of transportation is best to use?

To answer all your questions, this article contains all the best ways to reach and visit the Edge, including some of the best tips to save money and time.

Where is the Edge NYC Located?

Address: 30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA

The Edge is located on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards building in the newest neighbourhood of Hudson Yards in midtown Manhattan.

Its main entrance is on 33rd Street at the corner of 10th Avenue.

Where do I Enter the Edge NYC?

You will enter the 30 Hudson Yards Building to reach the Edge Observation Deck. After entering, go to Level 4, where ‘The Shops and Restaurants’ is located.

At Level 4, you will find directions to the entrance of the Edge; follow the directions to reach the elevator.

From there, you can enjoy an elevator ride that will take you directly to the 100th floor at the edge in just 52 seconds. 

How to Get to the Edge NYC by Various Transportation

There are a variety of ways to reach Edge NYC. The best transportation option depends on your location and budget.

Some of the popular ways to reach the Edge are by bus, car, taxi, subway, ferry, etc.

By Subway:

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Cost: $1 to $3
Why take it?: Cheap and fast

The easiest and fastest way to get to the Edge is by taking subway line 7 (Purple).

It will cost around $2 to $3 or more, depending on where you are coming from.

If you use this line, you must get off at 34 St-Hudson Yards. From the station, Edge is just a five-minute walk away.

By Bus:

Cost: $1 to $3
Why to take: Cheap and convenient

Taking a bus in NYC is another budget-friendly and convenient way to reach the Edge deck.

The closest bus stop to the Edge is W 34 St/Hudson Blvd E, and a single bus ticket in NYC costs the same as the subway, $3.

You can use any of the bus lines M11, M12 and M34-SBS to reach the deck. All these buses will drop you within walking distance of the Edge.

Kindly note that you must pay in cash (coins) to use the bus service.

Want to save money? Here’s a tip💡:

A subway ticket will cost you $3. If you plan to stay in NYC for a while, we highly recommend buying a metro card.

A metro card costs just $1 and is rechargeable and valid for both buses and subways, providing convenience and saving money simultaneously.

By Walk 

You can easily reach the Edge on foot if you are already in midtown Manhattan or exploring nearby areas like Chelsea Market or the High Line.

In fact, the distance between Times Square and the Edge is just 1.2 miles, and many visitors prefer walking from Times Square to the Edge.

By walking around NYC, you can save money and learn more about the diverse culture and history of the city.

On your way, you will also see popular landmarks like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the bustling streets of Broadway.

Chelsea Market to the Edge

Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave., New York, NY 10011, United States
Distance: 0.9 miles
20 minutes
Route: via 10th Ave., 11th Ave. or High Line

Head northeast on 10th Ave. for 0.7 miles, turn left and take the escalator to reach the Edge NYC.

Head northwest on W. 16th St. and turn right towards High Line Park to reach the Edge NYC.

Times Square to the Edge

Times Square, Manhattan, NY 10036, United States
Distance: 1.1 miles
25 to 30 minutes
three, via 43rd St., via W 33rd St. and W 39th St.

1. Head northwest on W 43rd St towards 8th Avenue and walk for 0.5 miles2. Turn left onto 10th Ave. and walk for another 0.5 miles
3. Turn right and take the escalator to reach the Edge. GET DIRECTIONS→

Empire State Building to the Edge

Empire State Building Address:
20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, United States
Distance: 1 mile
25 minutes
via W 31st St, W 33rd St. and W 34th St.

1. Head northwest on W 33rd St. toward Broadway and walk for 0.8 miles
2. Turn left onto 10th Ave. and then right.
3. Take the escalator to reach The Edge.

By Ferry or Train

Cost: Starting from $3
Why take it?: scenic views and easy access

If you are coming from beyond Manhattan, you can take the train or a ferry to get to Edge NYC.

If you are heading on a train, the nearest station to the Edge is the Penn Station, between 32nd and 33rd Streets and 7th and 8th avenues.

It is in a central location and acts as a hub for various train services coming from outside, including Amtrak, LIRR, New Jersey Transit, and PATH trains.

The Edge is located just 0.5 miles from the station, and you can easily cover this distance on foot or by taking a bus/taxi. GET DIRECTIONS

Alternatively, if you reach from the other side, you will stop at the Midtown Ferry Terminal located between West 39th Street and the West Side Highway.

You can easily walk 5 blocks south from the terminal to reach the Edge at Hudson Yards in merely 20 minutes. GET DIRECTIONS

Both trains and ferries cost $3 for a single ticket. 

By Bike

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You can easily reach Edge NYC by bike.

Due to its congested route and well-maintained bike path, it is also a convenient and fun way to get there, whether you’re coming from the north or south.

There are many places where you can rent bikes in New York. One such convenient option is the Citi Bike.

The rate for renting a bike for a single ride ( 30 minutes) is $4, while a day pass costs $15.

You can use the bike renting service by downloading the app or using the automatic service terminals at the bike stations.

To rent a bike, you must be over 16 years of age and have a credit card.

A refundable deposit of $100 will be held and returned to you two days after your bike pass expires.

Also, note that each ride can’t be longer than 30 minutes.

By Car

Driving to the Edge in NYC is not typically recommended due to the challenges of parking and navigating through the city’s congested streets.

However, if you prefer to drive, there are several parking garages near the Edge where you can leave your vehicle.

To reach the Edge by car, input the address into your GPS navigation system or smartphone and drive accordingly.

Also, remember that traffic conditions vary throughout NYC, so be patient and check for road closures or construction to avoid delays.

By Taxi

Taxis are readily available throughout Manhattan.

If you have luggage or want to reach the Edge conveniently, you can either book a taxi online or hail one from the street.

The taxi fare starts at $3 and varies depending on the distance travelled, time of day, and the number of people.

Here’s a list of taxi or Uber fares from various landmarks:

DestinationCostTime taken
Times Square€13 – €1713 min.
Central Park€17 – €2520 min.
Empire State Building€2015 min.
Grand Central Station€2520 min.

Want to calculate the fair taxi price to save yourself from being fooled around?

Our tip is to use any online taxi calculator, particularly for NYC and talk about the fare before sitting.


What street is the Edge on?

The Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards. Its main entrance is located on 33rd Street at the corner of 10th Avenue.

What district is the Edge in New York?

The Edge is situated in the newest neighbourhood of Hudson Yards in midtown Manhattan.

How long is the elevator ride to the edge?

The elevator ride to the Edge takes just 52 seconds, taking you directly from the 4th floor to the 100th floor.

It’s a quick and exhilarating journey that enhances your experience with stunning multimedia displays along the way.

How many floors up is Edge NYC?

The Edge NYC is situated on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards building.

What subway station is closest to the Edge?

The closest subway station to the Edge NYC is 34 St. Hudson Yards, which is served by subway line 7 (Purple).

How do you get to Edge NYC?

Depending on your preference and location, you can reach Edge NYC by subway, bus, ferry, train, bike, car, or taxi.

One of the easiest ways to get there is by taking the subway. Simply take subway line 7 (Purple) and leave at 34 St. Hudson Yards station.

Does the edge in NYC have parking?

While the Edge in NYC does not have parking, several parking garages are nearby where you can leave your vehicle if you choose to drive.

How to reach Edge NYC fast?

The fastest way to reach Edge, NYC depends on your starting point. One such way is by taking the subway or walking if you are in midtown Manhattan.

Is the Edge NYC safe?

Yes, The Edge NYC is a safe and popular tourist destination.

It provides stunning views of the city skyline with stringent safety measures in place.

How can you go to Edge NYC for free?

Unfortunately, there are no free options to visit Edge NYC.

However, by booking your Edge NYC tickets online, you can avail yourself of various discount options, including free entry for kids and reduced prices for seniors and children.

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