Inside The Edge NYC

The Edge NYC is an immersive and mind-blowing experience from start to finish. 

Whether it is the elevator ride, the inner view of Edge NYC or its Champagne Bar, nothing about the Edge will disappoint you. 

Being one of the latest observation decks in New York, the Edge perfectly combines architectural brilliance with sensory experience. 

Before you enter, you’ll need a ticket for the observation deck, so book in advance and get the slot you want!

The Edge Elevator Ride 

After you arrive at the Edge NYC, reach the 4th floor, and move towards the elevator that will take you to the 100th floor in 60 seconds. 

The creative geniuses behind Edge have made the whole experience of the attraction extremely interactive. 

On your way to the elevator for the sky deck, you will find displays on each side. 

The displays do not end there; the screens and projections are also a part of the elevator ride. 

While on your way up, the elevator screens display the visuals of the construction of Hudson Yards and Edge. 

While coming down, these vast screens play a drone-filmed clip of the areas surrounding the Edge, such as the Vessel and High Line park. 

The Edge NYC Inside Features

With its unique design and unparalleled height, The Edge beats all other observation decks in the city. 

Inside Edge NYC, you’ll find the most impressive features that will take your sightseeing experience to the next level.

Spanning across 7500 feet of outdoor space, you’ll enjoy 360° views of New Jersey, lower Manhattan, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the George Washington Bridge, and the entire financial district.

But that’s not all. Other unique features inside Edge NYC set it apart.

For instance, the deck has vast outdoor space, so you can bask in the bright sunshine 100 stories above the West side of Manhattan without worrying about getting cold. 

The glass floor, located on the viewing platform, will make you feel like a superhero as you gaze down at the bustling streets of Manhattan from a height of more than 1200 feet.

Remember to lean over the angled glass walls and soak up the stunning skyline like never before. 

Head over to Eastern Point, a popular spot on the deck where you can stand in awe with nothing surrounding you except the glass, air, sky, and the magnificent NYC skyline. 

And while most people click pictures at the deck, we recommend sitting on the Skyline Steps and immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty.

In a nutshell, The Edge at Hudson Yards is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking an unparalleled experience and the most thrilling adventure.

Read more about the exceptional features of Edge NYC to know in detail. 

Edge NYC – Highest Outdoor Observation Deck in the Western Hemisphere – New York

The Edge Champagne Bar 

Since the exit from the Edge is not timed, visitors often indulge in drinks and snacks from the Champagne bar inside the Edge NYC. 

The Edge bar is open during the hours of the observation deck itself, which you can check out here

The bar assists in your celebrations if you visit on a special occasion. 

If you’re planning a romantic date night or proposal, the bar will have champagne ready at your disposal.

You can only visit the Champagne Bar if you have a ticket for the Edge observation deck, so make sure you book a ticket beforehand.

Champagne Bar Menu

You can check out the bar menu for snacks, drinks and pricing details. 

Merchandise Shop

Inside Edge NYC, you’ll also find a gift and memorabilia shop where you can find exciting things related to Edge. 

It is an excellent option for someone looking to collect souvenirs from their trip to Edge at Hudson Yards. 

The store offers clothing, fridge magnets, cups and other merchandise with the Edge branding. Take your pick to celebrate viewing New York City from the maximum height possible!

Featured Image: NewYorkGid.com

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