NYC: The Edge and Museum of Modern Art Combo Tickets

Enjoy two different experiences in NYC with the Edge and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) combo tickets.

The Edge NYC is the highest Observational Deck in the Western Hemisphere, with an exceptional height of 1200 feet. It provides stunning views of New York City.

On the other hand, MoMA is a renowned modern art museum containing artistic innovation from the late 19th century to the present day.

Both attractions are located 2 miles apart, and individual tickets to the museum cost $30, while those to the Edge cost $40.

By booking these combo tickets, you can enter both of them for $65, saving up to 5% ($6) per ticket. 

MoMA Combo Ticket Includes

MoMa Musuem:

  • Admission to the Museum of Modern Art
  • Free audio guide to explore the museum
  • Entry to all the special exhibitions and programs
  • Access to MoMA PS1 (within 14 days of initial visit)

Edge Hudson Yards :

  • Admission to the Edge 
  • Multimedia Experience
  • Access to the outdoor sky deck, indoor observation deck, Angled Glass Walls, Skyline Steps, and Eastern Point
  • Free digital souvenir photo

Edge NYC and MoMA Combo Ticket Prices:

MoMA Musuem:

Visitor’s AgePrice
Adult (17 to 64 years)$29
Child (up to 16 years)Free
Student (with ID)$16
Senior (65+ years)$21

Note: At the MoMA Museum, visitors under 17 years old, active US military personnel, government officials, and members of the American Alliance of Museums are eligible for free entry with a valid ID.

Edge NYC:

Visitor’s AgePrice
Adult (12 to 61 years)$37
Child (6 to 11 years)$32
Infant (up to 6 years)Free
Senior (62+ years)$35

Note: This ticket allows entry to each attraction once.

Due to the popularity of the Museum of Modern Art, the waiting time may vary.

Any late arrivals will be accommodated based on availability and a rescheduling fee.

Some Top Edge Combo Tickets 

Know Before You Go:

  • Only service Dogs are allowed at the Edge NYC.
  • An adult must accompany children.
  • Large bags are not allowed inside the museum. All the bags are subject to a security inspection before entering.

Cancellation Policy:

With a full refund, these Edge combo tickets can easily be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled visit.

How Far Apart Are MoMA and The Edge?

The Museum of Modern Art has two different entrances.

The main museum is located in Midtown Manhattan, on 53rd Street, close to Sixth Avenue. It has most of the artwork and exhibitions.

The other one is located in Queens, MoMA PS1. It’s mainly used for smaller exhibitions and public events.

Edge is located on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards building in the newest neighborhood of Manhattan.

The main museum and the deck are located 2.2 miles (3.7 km) apart from each other.

MoMA Address:

Main Musuem:
11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA

PS 1 Queens: 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11

Edge Address: 

30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, USA

How do you Travel from Edge NYC to the MoMA Museum?

Visitors can easily travel between them using different transport mediums, like by bus, subway, car or taxi.

By Subway:

Edge NYC to the MoMA Museum BY SUBWAY
Image: Wikipedia.org

Time taken: 20 minutes
Cost: $1 to $2

One of the cheapest ways to travel between the Edge and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is by taking a subway line.

You can take Line E from 34 St – Penn Station to the 5 Av/53 St, located a few steps from the MoMA Museum, or Line 7 from 34 St- Penn Station.

Alternatively, you can also use a combination of both metro lines to save yourself from walking. To do so:

1. Take Line 7 from the 34-St. Hudson Yards.
2. Get off at Times Sq-42 St.
3. Take Line E from the 42 St-Port Authority
4. Get off at 5 Av/53 St.

The museum is just 0.1 miles (160 m) away from there. You can cover it in a few steps.

By Car:

Time taken: 25 minutes

NYC roads can be busy due to high traffic, especially at certain times of the day.

If you plan to travel by car, there are three routes between the attractions.

If you want to avoid the traffic, W. 38th St. and Madison Ave. are the shortest and fastest routes.

By Taxi:

Edge NYC to the MoMA Museum
Image: carly johnston on Unsplash

Time taken: 20 minutes
Cost: $13 to  $16

Taxis are readily available in NYC, and if you are short on time, the fastest way to get from Edge to MoMA is by taking taxis.

Taxis cost between  $13 and $16 for the one-way journey and take 20 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Opening Hours of MoMA and the Edge:

Edge NYC:

Monday to Thursday9 am to 10 pm
Friday to Sunday9 am to 12 am
Last admission50 minutes before closing

Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA):

DayOpening Hours
Monday to Friday 10.30 am to 5.30 pm
Saturday10.30 am to 7.00 pm
Sunday10.30 am to 5.30 pm

Note: Please note that MoMA is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

About MoMA and The Edge NYC:

The Edge NYC:

The Edge NYC
Image: Bernd 📷 Dittrich on Unsplash

Edge Observation Deck is the city’s newest attraction, scaling a height of more than 1200 feet.

It is located on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards building and provides 360-degree views of the city’s skyline.

Besides stunning views, The Edge also offers adventurous activities like City Climb and Ice skating.

Museum of Modern Art:

Museum of Modern Art
Image: Jamison McAndie on Unsplash

MoMA is America’s first museum dedicated solely to modern art.

It contains notable artwork by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí and more.

Initially, the museum faced many challenges, but today, it’s one of the most-visited art museums globally, with over 200,000 artworks. 


1. Is there any advantage to booking Edge and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) combo tickets?

By booking these combo tickets, visitors can enjoy two different experiences in NYC while saving up to 5% per ticket.

Additionally, there’s an extra discount available for kids and free entry for infants.

2. What is included in the MoMA and The Edge combo tickets?

The combo ticket includes admission to both MoMA and The Edge NYC.

At the Edge, visitors can access the outdoor sky deck, indoor observation deck, and Eastern Point and get a free digital souvenir photo.

At the museum, they can enjoy admission with a free audio guide and entry to all special exhibitions and programs.

3. How do I book the Edge and MoMA Combo tickets?

It’s a simple, three-step process:

1. Visit the booking page: Go to the ticketing page and select the date of your visit and the number of tickets you need.
2. Complete the payment: Complete the secure payment process using any credit or debit card options.
3. Receive your tickets: Receive a confirmation email with all the details about the tour.

4. How far apart are MoMA and the Edge?

MoMA and Edge are located approximately 2.2 miles (3.7 km) apart from each other.

5. How do you travel from Edge NYC to the MoMA Museum?

Visitors can easily travel between the Edge NYC and the MoMA Museum using different transport mediums, such as the subway, car, or taxi.

The cheapest way to travel between them is by taking subway lines E or 7.

6. Can I cancel or reschedule my combo ticket?

Yes, combo tickets can be easily cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled visit with a full refund.

Featured Image: MOMA.org, Twitter.com

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