Outdoor Sky Deck

The Edge at Hudson Yards is the newest sky deck in NYC and it beats all the other decks in the city through its one-of-a-kind design and height. 

The sky deck of this focal attraction at Hudson Yards spans across 7500 feet of ample outdoor space.  

360° views 

The Edge NYC has a unique vantage point and only an outdoor deck, so if you visit on bright sunny days, you don’t have to worry about being cold while you’re 100 stories above the west side of Manhattan. 

You get a great view of New Jersey, lower Manhattan, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the George Washington Bridge and the entire financial district. 

Only a little will miss your eye when you’re standing at the top of this building. 

Glass floors

A patch on the viewing platform floor is wholly made out of glass. 

You can stand on it to see the busy streets of Manhattan running under your feet. 

The Edge NYC will make you feel like a superhero while you stand on that glass floor and look down at Manhattan’s streets from a distance of more than 1200 feet.

Angled glass walls

A feature that sets apart the Edge from other observatories in New York, such as Top of the Rock, is its angled glass walls. 

While out on the deck, you can lean over these walls and feel like you can almost touch the skyline you see in front of your eyes

Eastern Point 

Eastern Point
Image: Njmom.com

A popular spot on site is Easter point. 

It is a corner where there is space only for one person to stand. 

So you can rest your hands on the armrest and feel New York like you’ve never felt before. 

Nothing surrounds you except the glass, air sky and magnificent NYC skyline. 

This spot will make you gaze at the skyline in childlike wonder. 

Skyline Steps 

The best view from this observation deck comes from the stairs. 

While most people nowadays spend maximum time clicking pictures at the deck, it is best to sit on the steps and soak the beauty around you. 

City Climb

City Climb
Image: 6sqft.com

The most thrilling experience offered at Edge is its skyscraping adventure.

You can lean out from a height of more than 1200 feet through City Climb as you scale outside of Edge. 

The Edge at Hudson Yards will give you the most thrilling experience of your life, so book your ticket for this attraction.

Featured Image: 6sqft.com

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