Parking Near Edge NYC

Edge NYC likely has on-site parking available, but it might be expensive due to the prime location.

Hence, all visitors are encouraged to use public transport to reach the deck. 

However, due to its prime location in Hudson Yards, various parking facilities are available near Edge for all visitors traveling by vehicle. 

There are three parking lots along West 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, including ten Hudson Yards, an Abington house, and one Hudson Yards.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the concrete jungle and secure a parking spot near Edge Hudson Yards. 

We’ll explore alternative options and resources designed to get you parked and exploring Hudson Yards in no time.

1. iPark – Hudson Yards Parking:

 iPark Hudson Yards Parking
Image: Spothero.com

The iPark parking service at Hudson Yards is the cheapest parking option near Edge NYC.

It is just 0.5 miles from the deck and is operated by MP Hudson LLC. 

These parking facilities provide monthly parking options at varying rates, catering to individuals seeking parking solutions in the Hudson Yards area. 

Furthermore, iPark recently announced a new parking operation at Hudson Yards, showcasing its commitment to expanding its parking services in New York City.

2. MPG Parking (MP Hudson):

MPG Parking
Image: Parkwhiz.com

MPG Parking (MP Hudson) is a parking facility offering 800 parking spots for visitors looking to explore the area or catch a ferry to nearby destinations. 

It is the closest parking space to the Edge NYC observation deck (0.3 miles away). 

This parking location provides ample parking space and convenient access for individuals seeking parking options in the vicinity.

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3. MPG Parking Javits Center:

MPG Parking Javits Center
Image: Spothero.com

MPG Parking offers convenient and affordable parking options near the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. 

The MPG Parking garage locations near the Javits Center include 453 West 38th Street, 404 West 37th Street, 451 10th Avenue, 444 10th Avenue, 447 West 35th Street, 505 West 37th Street, and 633 West 34th Street. 

These parking facilities provide a convenient parking solution for visitors, offering a range of locations to choose from in close proximity to the convention center.

It is just 0.5 miles away from the Edge Observation Deck.

4. MPG Parking: 526 W 30th St:

 MPG Parking 526 W 30th St
Image: Bestparking.com

It is operated by Manhattan Parking Group, which offers parking for more than 20,000 vehicles in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Westchester.

The facility offers direct elevator access to the shops at Hudson Yards, the Vessel, Edge NYC, and the Equinox Hotel, making it a convenient option for visitors looking to park near these attractions. 

The facility’s hours of operation are 24/7, and the phone number for inquiries is (646) 609-2161.

5. SP+ Parking:

SP+ Parking
Image: Facebook.com/sppluscorp

This parking lot is 0.9 miles away from the Edge Observation Deck and can be covered in 5 minutes. 

This parking facility offers a convenient option for visitors looking to park near the Edge observation deck and is open 24 hours.

If you are visiting during the holidays and peak tourist season, reserve your parking space in advance to avoid the hassle of finding a spot.

Also, read our article on places to stay near Edge NYC to plan your visit.

Parking Garages near Edge NYC 

Lot/Garage NameRates Per HourDistance
66 Hudson Blvd E$350.3 mile
JDS PARKING LLC$450.6 mile
GARDEN GARAGE LLC 8$351.4 miles
Landon Parking LLC$220.7 mile
550 West 45th Street Parking$400.8 mile
ATRIUM PARK LLC$610.8 mile
124 W 31st St Garage$351.2 miles

Is there street parking near Edge Hudson Yards? 

Street parking in New York City can be challenging, and it’s easy to pick up citations. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest parking near Hudson Yards, it’s recommended to consider parking at lots like Park Right, 103 Mulberry Street, and Parkchester Tremont City parking, which offer rates as low as $3 per hour. 

Certain W 29th, 30th, 33rd, and 34th Street sites offer free parking. There are various private NYC parking garages near Edge NYC from which to select.

These lots may not be as convenient as parking garages, but they can be a more affordable option. 

However, it’s essential to be aware of parking rules and regulations in the area to avoid any issues.

Street parking is inexpensive, but it leaves your automobile in an unsupervised position while you are gone. 

Many people find this an unappealing idea. A better choice would be to reserve a safe Hudson Yards parking place.


Where to park when visiting the Edge NYC?

Street parking is available near Hudson Yards, with free parking spots on W 29th Street, W 30th Street, W 33rd Street, and W 34th Street. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest parking near Hudson Yards, it’s recommended to consider parking at lots like Park Right, 103 Mulberry Street, and Parkchester Tremont City parking, which offer rates as low as $3 per hour. 

What are the parking rates near Edge NYC?

The parking rates near Edge NYC vary depending on the location and duration of parking. For example, the 2-15 day pass costs $58, and the 30-day pass costs $499.

There are also hourly parking options, such as one-hour parking, which costs $20.

Is there street parking available near Edge NYC?

Yes, street parking is available near Hudson Yards, including free parking on certain stretches of W 29th Street, W 30th Street, W 33rd Street, and W 34th Street.

Are there any parking garages or lots within walking distance of Edge NYC?

Several parking garages and lots are within walking distance of Edge NYC. 

MPG Parking (MP Hudson) is located at 545 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001. This parking garage has a rating of 3.1 and 59 reviews.

Are there any parking restrictions or time limits in the area surrounding Edge NYC?

Most street parking in Manhattan requires payment through meters. Rates and time limits will be displayed on the meter itself.

Even with metered parking, time restrictions will likely depend on how long you can legally park your car in one spot. 

Depending on the location, these limits can range from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Can I reserve parking near Edge NYC in advance?

You can find parking garages and lots near Edge NYC on ParkWhiz, which allows you to reserve a parking spot in advance. 

The closest bookable garage to Edge NYC is Gotham, and the cheapest bookable lot is Comfort Inn – 725 River Rd. Garage. 

Hudson Yards offers on-site parking at $25.00 per 720 minutes, and the closest free parking is located at 396 10th Avenue, New York.

What are the hours of operation for parking facilities near Edge NYC?

The hours of operation for parking facilities near Edge NYC vary depending on the specific location. 

For example, the 545 West 30th Street MPG Parking facility is open 24/7. 

Additionally, SP+ Parking near Edge NYC offers parking options with varying hours of operation, providing flexibility for visitors looking to park in the area.

Is parking accessible near Edge NYC for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, parking near Edge NYC is accessible for individuals with disabilities. 

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design and the New York State Building Code require accessible parking spaces to be provided in parking facilities to accommodate individuals with disabilities. 

Are there any valet parking services available near Edge NYC?

Yes, there are valet parking services available near Edge NYC. MPG Parking offers valet parking services at Hudson Yards, which is located near Edge NYC. 

Additionally, several valet parking services are available in New York City, including Imperial Driving Services, V&A VIP Services, Mobile Valet, Safe Park JFK, and Member Valet.

Is overnight parking permitted near Edge NYC?

If your primary goal is visiting Edge NYC, consider planning your visit for daytime hours. This will likely offer more parking options and potentially lower rates.

Are there any designated drop-off or pick-up zones near Edge NYC for rideshare services or taxis?

Taxi stands are scattered throughout Manhattan, and there’s a good chance you might find one near Edge NYC.  

You can hail a taxi from a designated stand for a pick-up.  For drop-offs, instruct the taxi driver to take you to the nearest designated taxi stand.

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