The Edge at Night: An Iconic Experience in New York City

New York City has an incredibly stunning skyline, often considered one of the best in the world.

And guess what? It gets even more beautiful as the day turns into night, and there’s no better place to experience it than from the 100th floor at the Edge at Hudson Yards.

From the Edge at night, you can enjoy perfect 360-degree views of NYC’s sparkling skyline with city lights and shining skyscrapers.

The best part is that only the entry is timed for visiting the Edge; once you are in, you can stay as long as you want.

Often, visitors who buy Edge tickets for the night spend more time enjoying the city views while sipping champagne and snacking at the Champagne Bar.

Is it Better to Go to the Edge During the Day or Night?

The Edge provides stunning views both during the day and at night.

During the day, it’s bright, and you can see everything clearly, while at night, the glittering city lights change the game, making the views more appealing.

However, if you visit it only once, it might be confusing to know when to visit it. But don’t worry; we have a perfect solution for you!

To decide for yourself whether the Edge is better during the day or at night, you can plan a visit around sunset and stay until night.

Sunset is also one of the best times to visit the Edge to witness the colorful skyline and click the perfect pictures.

Although it can be slightly more crowded, the views make it worthwhile.

By booking a time slot around sunset, you can enjoy both day and night views and also witness the stunning transformation of NYC’s skyline.

Like a magical switch, as the sun goes down, the city’s lights come to life and transform it into a sparkling wonderland.

At night, the Edge offers a sense of intimacy and romance that is hard to replicate during the day! 

The Edge NYC Tickets for Night Experience

Fortunately, there are no separate tickets or additional costs for visiting the edge at night.

If you want to see it at night, you can book the general admission tickets and select a time slot for the evening (around 6-7 pm) to see the sunset.

Also, most of the visitors often plan on visiting the edge at night, and tickets are sold out quickly. If you want a slot, make sure to book the tickets in advance.

Why Visit Edge at Night?

  1. Stunning views:

The Edge is a triangular outdoor sky deck that is situated on the 100th floor at a height of 1100 feet.

With its sky-touching height and glass walls, you can get the best and unobstructed views of the city’s skyline at night.

You can spot iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty illuminated at night.

Plus, it also has glass floors that give you the thrilling sensation of walking on air as you gaze down at the glittering city below. 

Read our article on Things to Do Near Edge NYC and see what other places can help you make the most out of your visit to New York.

  1. Romantic Atmosphere

The soft city lights, the gentle city sounds, and the stunning views from the edge at night provide a romantic backdrop for couples.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, planning a special date night, or even considering a marriage proposal, the Edge sets the stage for unforgettable moments.

Visiting the Edge with a loved one or planning a surprise proposal there will leave a lasting impression.

Want some tips for proposals at the Edge NYC? Read our handy guide and make lifelong memories!

  1. Fewer Crowds:

Edge is very crowded during the daytime and around sunset hours.

However, it’s quite peaceful at night with fewer visitors, giving you more time to enjoy the view and relax.

With fewer people around, you can also take more time and click pictures at your favorite spot without anyone else peeking in the background.

  1. Best Photographs:

Nighttime photography enthusiasts or social media influencers will find the Edge to be a paradise.

The contrast between the illuminated skyline and the darkened sky provides a dramatic backdrop.

With city lights, towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, famous landmarks and the Hudson River in view, the Edge at night is like a dreamland for stunning nighttime shots.

If you plan for proposal photographs, you can even contact the edge office for approval and hire a photographer to capture the moments. 

  1. Champagne Bar: 

To enhance your experience, the Edge also has a Champagne Bar on the 101st floor with indoor and outdoor seating.

You can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your visit by sipping a glass of champagne while enjoying the stunning views.

Tips for Visiting the Edge at Night

The Edge View at Night
Image: Reddit.com

Here are some important tips to consider for visiting the Edge during the night:

  1. Book Edge Tickets in Advance:

Besides offering the best views, the nighttime can also attract crowds on certain days, leading to the unavailability of tickets.

So, before planning a visit to the Edge at night, make sure to book your tickets in advance to ensure your spot and avoid disappointment.

  1. Check the Weather and Dress Warmly:

Due to the edge’s height, the night’s weather can be chilly. So, make sure to dress in layers or carry a jacket.

Also, the weather can be a little unpredictable sometimes, so it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast beforehand.

  1. Plan Around Sunset:

If you plan to visit the edge once, there’s no better time than the sunset. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s the best time to enjoy the stunning views and click the best photographs at the edge.

During this time, you can watch and record the sky’s transition through hues of orange and pink and then finally all black.

  1. Allocate Plenty of Time:

Make sure to take 3-4 hours to visit the Edge inside and out, including all the points like the skyline steps, easter point, glass floor, indoor-outdoor deck and champagne bar.

You can also consider stopping by the gift shop on your way out to take a piece of this incredible experience home with you.

  1. Stay Safe:

The Edge follows all the safety measures, but to stay safe, be mindful of your surroundings and follow all safety guidelines provided by the staff.

If you are scared of heights or have some health issues, consider taking precautions, such as consulting with your healthcare provider beforehand.

Additionally, if you experience discomfort or anxiety during your visit, please inform a staff member who can assist you accordingly. 


1. Is Edge worth it at night?

Yes, The Edge at Night offers a completely different experience, with the city skyline illuminated and sparkling against the darkened sky.

2. Are there separate tickets for visiting the edge at night?

No, there are no separate tickets for visiting the Edge at night.

The general admission tickets grant access to the Edge regardless of the time of day. 

However, booking your tickets in advance is recommended, especially for nighttime visits, as popular time slots may sell out quickly.

3. Is there a time limit for visiting the Edge at night?

While there is a timed entry system for visiting the Edge, once you’re inside, you can stay as long as you like to enjoy the views and experience at your own pace.

4. Are there any age restrictions for visiting the Edge at night?

There are no specific age restrictions for visiting the Edge.

However, children must be accompanied by an adult, and it’s important to consider whether the height and enclosed space may be suitable for younger visitors or those with a fear of heights.

5. Can I access all the Edge areas at night, including the outdoor sky deck?

Visitors can access all Edge areas at night, including the outdoor sky deck.

However, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and instructions from staff while exploring the Edge’s facilities.

Featured Image: Bizbash.com

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