The Edge NYC City Climb

Conquer the concrete jungle like King Kong himself with the ultimate thrill of City Climb at The Edge NYC!

City Climb at the Edge is an adventure for brave hearts who chase after pure thrill more than anything. 

A visit to the Edge would be incomplete without participating in its most engaging activity, City Climb. 

This ultimate skyscraping adventure gives you the feeling of being on top of the world. 

Imagine seeing the beautiful NYC skyline and feeling like you’re almost flying by ascending mid-air 1200 feet above the streets of Manhattan. 

The tickets to City Climb go out fast, so make sure you book them in advance.

City Climb Hours 

Currently, City Climb is open from 9.45 am to 6.45 pm. 

The observation deck of Edge NYC is open to the public from 10 am to 10 pm every day. 

The last entry for City Climb is approximately 3 hours before the closing time of the Edge. 

You can hang out on the outdoor deck after your thrilling adventure. 

Thrill-Seekers Can Climb NYC Skyscraper In New Attraction

City Climb Tickets 

The Edge NYC City Climb tickets sell out fast, so book your slot beforehand. 

Ticket slots for the sunset hours especially go out quickly; therefore, early booking is recommended. 

Ticket Price 

Participant’s AgePrice($)
Adult (13 to 99 years)$201

Ticket Features

The City Climb tickets are the perfect combo for the thrill seeker and the sightseer in you. 

With this ticket, you get:

  • City Climb Admission Ticket
  • Edge Observatory Access
  • Video of Your City Climb Experience
  • City Climb Medal

City Climb NYC Restrictions and Limitations

To ensure the safety of the climbers, City Climb participants must meet the following specifications:

  • Age: 13 years and older
  • Height: Between 4.9ft and 6.7ft
  • Weight: Between 65 lbs and 310lbs

The following individuals are not allowed to participate:

  • Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may impair judgment
  • Guests with heart conditions
  • Pregnant women or those who may be pregnant
  • Guests with disabilities that may affect their safety during the climb
  • Guests with vertigo or motion sickness
  • Individuals with physical, mental, or psychological conditions that may inhibit their ability to participate in or worsen due to this experience.

The Edge NYC City Climb Location

City Climb is a part of the Edge at 30 Hudson Yards (Tenth Ave. & 33rd St.) in Manhattan, New York. 

Here’s how you can reach it:

  1. By Subway: Take the seven train to Hudson Yards station at the 34th Street and 11th Avenue intersection. It’s only a brief stroll from the Hudson Yards station to the development.
  2. By Bus: You can also take the M12 or M34 bus to Hudson Yards.
  3. By Car: If you’re driving, you can use a GPS to navigate to the Hudson Yards development. Several parking garages are available in the area but can be expensive.

Once you arrive at the Hudson Yards development, head towards the Vessel structure, a large staircase and a public landmark in the middle of the plaza. 

The City Climb at the Edge is located on the 100th floor of the adjacent building known as 30 Hudson Yards. 

Follow the signs leading to the elevators, which will take you to the top floor of the City Climb at the Edge.

What to Expect at Edge City Climb

There are levels to this adventure that will blow your mind away. 

So you’ll have to hold on to your heart as you slowly climb to the top. 

The Cliff 

You must ascend 32 steps to reach The Cliff from Basecamp. 

It is 1,190 feet above sea level on this modest, open platform. 

Lower Manhattan, New Jersey, and the Hudson River are visible here. 

The Stair 

The Stair is a climb of 161 steps that connect the Cliff with the apex of the Edge. 

If heights frighten you, this part of the experience is the simplest because there is enough gap between you and the edge. 

It is, nevertheless, the most thrilling aspect of the encounter. 

While climbing the stairs on foot is acceptable, dragging the harness device up the rail might be strenuous.

The Top

Standing on the top, you’ll be more than 1200 feet above ground at the peak of the city’s highest observation deck. 

It’s the most excellent view of the city and is breathtaking. 

You can view practically all of Manhattan from this location. 

The Empire State Building, New Jersey, Lower Manhattan, and Central Park are visible from your position. 

The fact that there are no walls or glass in the way of the stunning view of New York City makes it even better.

The employees will now demonstrate how to perform “lean outs.” 

You can lean out in either the forward or backward direction by placing your feet close to the platform’s edge. 

After this, you’ll go back down to the 100th floor, remove all the gear, and you’re free to explore the Edge. 

The Edge NYC City Climb Spectator Tickets

The spectator tickets for the Edge NYC City Climb let your friends and family members cheer for you from the deck as you go on the adventure. 

These tickets give your company access to the outdoor observation deck, where they can enjoy the views of NYC as they cheer you on. 

Once your adrenaline-filled activity ends, you can come to the deck for a victorious glass of champagne. 

What to Wear for City Climb at the Edge NYC 

What to Wear for City Climb at the Edge NYC
Image: Spiegel.de

The provider will give all Climbers a City Climb Suit, which they must wear over their clothing. 

The City Climb Suits are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Climbers must wear comfortable clothing suitable for walking and climbing stairs and appropriate for the current weather conditions. 

Removing loose items like watches and earrings before climbing is essential. 

For safety reasons, Climbers must wear shoes that fully cover their feet, up to the ankle, with no openings for toes or heels. 

If Climbers don’t have the appropriate footwear, the provider may offer City Climb shoes instead.

City Climb NYC: A Unique Skyscraping Experience at Night 

City Climb NYC | Scaling a Skyscraper… at Night!

The Edge NYC City Climb is an unforgettable experience during the day, but it’s even more magical at night.

Imagine climbing outside a skyscraper more than 1200 feet above the ground as New York City’s lights glimmer all around you.

The NYC skyline at night is breathtaking; viewing it from such an angle will be an unmatched experience. 

Featured Image: NYPost.com

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