The Edge vs Summit One Vanderbilt: Which is Better?


The Edge and Summit One Vanderbilt are the newest popular skyscrapers in New York City.

With their modern designs, towering heights, and stunning views, both of them showcase grandeur but offer different experiences.

If you are visiting the Big Apple and are confused about which is better, the Edge or One Vanderbilt, here’s your answer!

If you want to be at height with open-air and adventurous activities, head straight to Edge, and if you want to enjoy indoor views and admire interiors, go to the Summit.

Want to know more? In this guide, we will compare them based on views, accessibility, ticket prices, visitor experience, etc., to help you make informed decisions!

Before moving into details, let’s begin with a brief introduction and quick comparison of ‘Summit One Vanderbilt vs. The Edge’:

Edge and Summit: A Brief Introduction

The Edge is a triangular observation deck suspended in mid-air on the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards Building.

It is the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere and the second highest globally.

On the other hand, The Summit is a 93-story tall building.

It has three observation decks on the 91st, 92nd and 93rd floors.

Both attractions are located just 1.6 miles apart in Midtown Manhattan and are well visible from each other.

The Edge NYC vs Summit One Vanderbilt: Quick Comparison

Edge NYCSummit One Vanderbilt

(Highest observation deck in New York)

(Tallest commercial skyscraper in NYC)
30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001, United States45 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA
Height:1,100 feet1,201 feet 
Opened In :11 March 202021 October 2021
Observation Decks:100th Floor3 levels (91st to 93rd floor)
Timings:10 am to 10 pm9 am to 12 am
Best time to visit:Sunset or Late Night
Early Morning (for fewer crowds)
Early Morning (for fewer crowds )
Ticket Price:Starting from $40Starting from $ 47
View from the Deck:Empire State Building, Hudson River, & Statue of LibertyEmpire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, & the World Trade Center
Book Edge NYC TicketsSummit One Vanderbilt Tickets 

Summit vs. Edge NYC Tickets Price:

The Edge NYC tickets cost $39 for visitors aged 12 to 61 years.

Children aged 6 to 11 and seniors aged 61+ years can enjoy discounted tickets at just $34 and $37, respectively.

Summit One Vanderbilt tickets cost $47 for visitors aged 13 years and older.

Children aged 6 to 12 years can enjoy the reduced price of $40. Both attractions

provide free entry to infants aged 5 years and below.

The Edge tickets are slightly cheaper than the Summit and have additional discounts for seniors. If price is your concern, we recommend the Edge NYC.

Height of the Skyscrapers: Edge vs Summit

The Edge Observation Deck is located outdoors at a height of 1,131 feet (335 meters) on the 100 and 101 floors.

The height of the 30 Hudson Yards building comprising the Edge is 1270 feet.

For more unobstructed views, visitors can even climb to the top of the Edge with City Climb Experience tickets.

On the other hand, The Summit stretches across three floors (91 to 93), reaching a height of 1,401 feet.

It has two indoor and one outdoor observation deck located at 1,000 and 1,200 feet, equivalent to the Edge.

Visitors can ascend to the top with an elevator for a better view from the summit. 

So, when talking about the height of the building, the Summit is taller by 200 feet.

However, there is not much difference between the heights of the outdoor observation decks at both attractions.

The Edge vs. Summit One Vanderbilt: Which will Offer you the Best Views?

The Edge is well surrounded by glass walls, offering unobstructed 360-degree views of the city. It also has glass floors to look down the street.

You can also see the city’s popular landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, the Empire State Building and more.

For more unobstructed views, you can try the city climb experience or go to the bar stairs on the 101st floor.

Due to its height, outdoor location and glass walls, NYC’s skyline looks stunning from there, especially during the sunset.

Besides the sunset, visitors also prefer visiting the Edge at night to enjoy the nocturnal beauty of the never-sleeping city.

Summit Vanderbilt is no less impressive, offering a unique city perspective of the city.

From its indoor observatory, visitors can feel surrounded by NYC, with glass floors and an infinity room.

From the outdoor deck, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan & more.

If you can’t make it, it also provides a virtual reality experience that takes visitors worldwide and a telescope that provides a simulated view of the city from any angle.

Due to the negligible differences in the heights of outdoor decks, both provide stunning views from different angles.

In our assessment, Edge offers the best view for visitors, particularly with its river vantage point.

However, experiencing both will allow you to form a clear judgement.

No matter which views you want to see, make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid any delay or disappointment.

Do you know? Sunset looks stunning from the Edge NYC.

It is also the best time to visit the Edge. Read more about the views at sunset and other free time for crowds here.

Architecture and Features of the Edge and Summit One Vanderbilt

The 30 Hudson Yards building is one of the key luxury developments in Hudson Yards. 

It has 103 floors that are used for different purposes.

You will find different shops, retail stores, shopping centres and restaurants on some floors and offices on others.
On the 100th floor, you will find The Edge, suspended 80 feet with a champagne bar.

On the other hand, Summit One Vanderbilt is a 93-story building primarily filled with offices. It is known as the highest commercial skyscraper in Manhattan.

It has a few floors reserved for visitors. This includes transcendence, levitation and ascent on the three floors.

The Ascent is among the three highest points in a state-of-the-art elevator experience.

The architecture of the buildings is simple yet modern and appealing; the differentiator is the triangular deck of Edge and the antenna-shaped structure of the summit on top.

Both buildings were designed by the architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox around the same time frame.

The Edge NYC vs. Summit One Vanderbilt: Which Offers a Better Visitor Experience?

The Edge’s triangular observation will make you feel like you are freely walking high above because of its mid-air suspension.

You must take a 52-second elevator ride with an immersive multimedia experience to get there.

Once on the top, you will be amazed by the 360° views and other experiences, such as the City Climb, Ice Skating, and Peak Restaurant and Bar.

There are places like the Eastern Point, glass floor and Skyline steps that provide more stunning views. You can gaze at the world through the glasses under your feet. 

However, at Summit One Vanderbilt, you’ll journey on three different levels, with large rooms, galleries, and spaces providing unique views.

To reach there, you must take a 50-second escalator ride. The escalator is suspended entirely outside the building.

Different escalators are available there, taking you to the top floor at 1,400 feet.

From the 91 to 93 floor, there are many connective social spaces, large glass rooms, hallways, and a skyline café.

Some of the spaces are entirely made of glass, making you feel surrounded by NYC’s skyline from all around. They are quite Instagram-worthy!

So when comparing The Edge vs Summit One Vanderbilt, Summit is great for an indoor experience, while Edge is a clear winner for an open-air outdoor experience!

Summit vs Edge NYC Opening Hours: Which Stays Open Till Late?

The Edge NYC is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, with the last elevator ride 50 minutes before closing.

Summit One Vanderbilt is open year-round from 9 am to 12 am, with the last entry at 11 pm.

Also, both Summit and Edge offer late-night tickets to let visitors enjoy the sparkling city lights and views at night.

Kindly note that the Summit One Vanderbilt and Edge tickets are timed for entrance and difficult to reschedule. So, make sure to reach out on time.

However, once you reach them, you can stay for as long as you want!

Location: Which one is Easily Accessible?

Edge is located near the Hudson River in Manhattan, Hudson Yards, in the newest development project.

It is also well surrounded by many architectural buildings, like the Vessel, a honeycomb structure, the Highline Park, the Shed, and more.

Summit lies at 45 E on 42nd Street. It is well-placed between the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center.

The distance between them is 1.6 miles, which can be covered by bus, car, taxi or on foot. 

Both are easily accessible, but Hudson Yards’s popularity makes the Edge more convenient. Know the best ways to reach the Edge here!

Best Time to Visit Summit vs Edge NYC

The best time to visit Edge and Summit One Vanderbilt is early in the morning for the crowds and around the sunset for stunning views.

Mornings are the least crowded and offer time to explore with fewer people around.

If you want to avoid crowds, we highly suggest skipping the peak afternoon hours from 12 to 4 pm at both places.

You can also consider visiting the Edge at night to see the city blinking, shining in lights, and covering the Summit in the morning to get the best pictures in its balloon area.

Expected Crowds: Edge New York vs Summit One

The Edge NYC and Summit One Vanderbilt are two of the most famous skyscrapers in New York City. 

Both attractions draw visitors worldwide, with Summit One Vanderbilt being the tallest building and Edge NYC offering its unique views. 

Regarding numbers, The Edge NYC is expected to draw over two million annual visitors, while the Summit One Vanderbilt is projected to draw over 6 million visitors annually. 

So, if you want fewer crowds and unique views, Edge is the perfect option.

Edge NYC and Summit One Vanderbilt Features:

Edge NYCSummit One Vanderbilt
Location and Accessibility
Indoor Activities
Outdoor Adventure
Short Time Visit

The Edge vs Summit One Vanderbilt: Our Recommendation

If you want to reach the top level indoors with the glass walls surrounding you and enjoy various indoor activities, Summit is a great option.

However, Edge is a clear win if you want to enjoy the unobstructed open-air view and adventurous experiences like the City Climb.

We highly recommend visiting both if you are a first-time visitor to New York.

If you plan to visit NYC and are confused between The Edge NYC and the other observatory decks, we have you covered. 

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Is Summit One Vanderbilt the same as the Edge?

Summit One Vanderbilt and The Edge are both popular observation decks in New York City, offering stunning views of the city skyline. 

Still, they differ in terms of location, height, experience, view, cost, dining options, and duration of stay.

Which is better, the Edge or One Vanderbilt?

The Edge offers an outdoor observation deck experience at a height of approximately 1,100 feet. In comparison, Summit One Vanderbilt provides both indoor and outdoor observation decks at a higher elevation of around 1,400 feet.

The choice between the two depends on individual preferences for outdoor or indoor experiences and the specific features each offers.

What is the highest viewing platform in New York?

Summit One Vanderbilt boasts the highest indoor viewing platform in New York City, located at an elevation of approximately 1,400 feet above street level.

 Is Summit or Edge better for the views?

Both the Edge and Summit One Vanderbilt offer stunning views of New York City’s skyline and landmarks.

The Edge provides unobstructed open-air views.

How long to spend at the Edge and Summit One Vanderbilt?

Visitors typically spend around 1-2 hours at the Edge and 2-3 hours at Summit One Vanderbilt.

Depending on your preferences, you can spend more or less time exploring the spaces and enjoying the activities. There is no time limit for staying there.

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